Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Yip, that's a shiner you see.
I fell last night and met the curb.
Something I don't need to do again.

Staying At Grandma's House

September 23, 2007

After the wedding shower we were suppose to drive back home, but Mommie was too tired! Instead of driving home, we got to go to Grandma's House!! YIPPIE!!!! Can this weekend get any better...I don't see how it could!

OH, but it did. Sunday morning Mommie and Grandma took me to Chuckey Cheese and then we went and looked at these wooden Jungle Gym's. It was awesome. I got to climb up ladders, slide down slides and climb on ropes. I had so much fun. Thanks Grandma for all the fun I had!!

After Grandma and Mommie checked out the Jungle Gym's, Mommie and I drove home. Mommie was tired, but we needed to get back to Daddy. We were missing him a great deal!!! We had a safe trip and got home around 6:30p.m.

We had a long fun adventures weekend. I got to see a lot of family...that's the best part of the whole weekend.

Grandma, Mick, Max, and me playing at Grandma & Grandpa Jerry's. I love playing with the puppies!!!

The Puppies love it when I come and visit. I drop food on the ground for them~~~they get extra treats.

At the Durbin Compound

Sept.22, 2007

After we left IHOP, Mommie drove to Farmersville to stay the night at the Compound. We got there around 1:30 ~I was still awake~~~how could I not be with all the yummies I put in my tummy.
We woke up around 7:45, went down stairs and I got to see Aunt Pat, Uncle Durb, Uncle Bud, & Aunt Kat. We ate a little breakfast and then we started to decorate for the wedding shower oh, and I helped Uncle Bud put a handle on a door. I guess I helped...

When the time got closer and closer for the shower, I got to see a lot of relatives. It was great getting lots of loves and compliments...I have to say, it was great to see my Grandma. I haven't seen her in a while. She had lots of treats for me from her trip too. Thanks Grandma.

I'm helping Aunt Kathleen (Aunt Kat) blow up BOONS for the wedding shower.

Uncle Bud teaching me how to use tools and telling me why we (he) are doing what we/he are doing, whatever it is we are doing...huh? I'm just going to sit here and try to get some of what he is telling me.

Uncle Bud showing me how to put a door
handle on...he's teaching me
step by step...
I sure hope I get all this.

Daniel's Football Game & 18th Birthday

Mommie and I went to Gunter, Texas to watch my cousin Daniel(Mommies nephew) play football, not only was it football night, but it was Cuzn' Daniel's Birthday too. We met up with Cuzn' Daniel, Cuzn' Josh, Cuzn' Montana, Mr. Tom, Ms. Donna, NeeNaw, Aunt Tami, Aunt NaNa & Mr. Dana.

We ate hot dogs, cheetos (thank you Aunt NaNa), pickles, nachos, had lots of soda (thank you NeeNaw), I'm sure we ate more than that, but that's all I can think of right now.
After the game, Cuzn' Daniel wanted to go to IHOP in Sherman for his Birthday...then I got to eat some Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon, Sprite, NeeNaw's Dr. Pepper, and whatever else Mommie didn't see me eat. It was all Yummie to my Tummie.

Being with family and eating is a lot of fun...we need to do this more often!!

Mr. Dana holding me

as we watch

Cuzn' Daniel play football.

Mr. Dana letting me sit on his lap while
eating this big juicie pickle.
Thank You Mr. Dana,
hope I didn't too much juice on you.

This is Ms. Donna.
She held me a lot at my Cuzn' Daniels game.
It helped Mommie out a lot. Ms. Donna spoiled me: she held me, played with me, and even bought me
Thomas CHOO CHOO...wow, it wasn't even my birthday,
it was Cuzn' Daniel's birthday. Anyhow...
I enjoyed every minute of it. :O)

This is my Aunt Tami...

I don't get to see her much,

so it was nice to get some lovin' from her

and give her some lovin' right back.

Sept. 18, 2007

Mommie thought she just had to take a picture of me this morning...she kept saying how cute she thought I looked.
My MOTHER...will I have to go through this my entire life??

Just looking cute before going to see
Ms. Minden & Ms. Alicia (my teachers).

Giddie Up Pony

Lil' D riding his pony. When Darren pinches the pony's
ears, it sounds like the pony is trotting or making his animal sound. It really is cute. Darren sometimes rides him to hard. It's one of his favorites.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Zak's Birthday was yesterday...not a way I would want to spend a Birthday, but he pretends he doesn't get birthdays anymore. He spent it taking me to the hospital and laying in the hospital bed while I was having my procedure. Zak is sick...we are hoping he isn't getting the FLU. As of today, Thurs. he is feeling a little better, not much better though.

WHeeewww, am I glad that is over...the colonoscopy & endoscopy is what I am talking about. There is nothing pleasant about drinking that nasty stuff and the affect it has on the body. The procedure was nothing and when I came to it was like nothing ever happened. Pretty crazy knowing that something was up where I don't like things to be up and that something was down my throat and didn't even feel it. THE RESULT...I'm clear as a whistle...GREAT news right...uuumm, what's causing my pain??? My father suggested for me to see a chiropractor due to something that happened to him about 36 years ago. Dr. Zeid, OBGYN said if Dr. Lin didn't find anything, then I should go back to him, Dr. Zeid and most likely have a hysterectomy. Time will tell what we should do. All I know is if I should have another procedure, I need to have it done in 2007, so I don't have to pay that ridiculous deductible...not only that, I am planning on going back to school...I am not going to have room to have surgery!! That's the update...

Darren, he got up again last night around 2:00a.m. with a 102 fever. This morning at 7:00 he was at 98. Go Figure. This kid is going through change I think. He hasn't eaten much in the past 2 days...I'm thinking he's going through a growth spurt or his molars are coming in, or both...maybe he's hitting puberty ( I'M KIDDING). Anyhow, we changed his meds. As of 6:30 tonight, he has already changed his mood and he ate something tonight!! YEAH.

We will be going to Tioga Friday for my nephews Football game; it's his birthday too. We will stay the night with one of Zak's cuzn's and stay for one of Zak's cuzn's wedding shower. I say we will be doing this, but it depends on Darren on how he is feeling!!! Let's hope he's feeling like D tomorrow. I'm sure there will be pictures to show over the weekend.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


What are your obsessions???

Zak's: Football (sports) & watching t.v. shows.

Stacie's: Cleaning My House & This BLOG

Darren's: CHOO CHOO~~~Thomas the Tank and Friends...
Oh my gosh, he goes around the house saying choo choo...
wanting the t.v. on where he can see Thomas...it is the only
thing he wants to watch and it seems like it's the only thing he
says these days. It is driving us batty...Zak doesn't have any
patience with this choo choo business anymore & I'm almost there.

Fish Sticks & Ketchup

Darren's 1st time to have Fish sticks & Ketchup.
Look at him sucking the Ketchup off the fish stick.
I think this meal is a winner...


Yummie Mommie...

Why haven't you

given this to me before???

I like this combination.

Look Who's Using A Spoon!!!

YEAH...Darren's using a spoon!!!
We give him a spoon/fork with every
meal and he would rather use his fingers....
He has just started to continuously use a spoon/fork lately.
Lets hope he continues to do so.

Up Dates For Zak & Stacie

Zak...he's busy at the dealership and is tired...because he likes what he does so much, he won't take a break. He admitted to me last week one day that he was tired. That was the first time he has ever admitted that he was tired. He's probably not going to like that I put that in our blog... It hasn't helped our son not feeling well and waking up in the middle of the night a few times either. Zak is a good daddy and husband; you see he too gets up in the middle of the night to care for Darren. I am so thankful of that!!! Anyhow, I am asking for those that read our blog to please pray for Z. for energy and to keep him healthy.

On a fun note for Z.; he is doing this Football Fantasy thing. Guys, you know what I am talking about. Anyhow, Zak has really been keeping up with it. It's good for him. He's cute, he flips through the channels to keep up (nothing new really), he will go on the computer and do whatever he does, he will change whatever he needs to change. It really is cute to see him skirt around with this fun project of his...notice this is his project and not mine. As long as it doesn't keep away from family time, I'm okay with it.

Something new I have to get use to with Z. He has started drinking these energy drinks. When we drive to Dallas or come back from Dallas we stop by a store and he gets one. The other weekend he did this and got the biggest can of Energy Drink I have ever seen. It's the new thing to do. Not a healthy thing to do, but drinking COKE isn't good for you either. Z. did get me a sugar free Sobe energy drink the other day, it was pretty good. The best of the 3 I've had.

Stacie... HHHMMM...well, I get to start prepping up for my procedures tomorrow (Mon.) On Wed. I will be having a colonoscopy and an endoscopy at 11:30. The doc says we will have results right after the procedures. He called last Sunday and informed me that the blood work came out just fine...Maybe they will find out what is causing this pain in my tummy...will let you know a few days after we know. Not sure I'm going to want to be up doing things right after the procedure.

Went to SFA this past Tues. when D. was in preschool. Come to find out...I have 58 credits that will transfer to SFA, but only 24 will go towards teaching. I was pretty discouraged!!!! I've been praying a lot on what to do. I could go back to a community college, which will be Kilgor and go until I have 66 total credits that will transfer to SFA, which will be a full 2 years. ( I feel like I am starting over), I could get my real estate licence like I almost did in CA., or I could get a job here in this little town of Henderson...HHHMMM...I would really like to finish up my schooling. Please pray for me...letting me make the decision God wants me to do!

This week was NOT a productive work out week for me. I worked out when I could, but it was hard with D. being sick and Z. had to leave very early one morning. I got some workout in, but not as much as I would have liked. Not giving up though. I am starting to see a difference in my pants....YEEE HAWWW. :O)

THE ENTIRE FAMILY: Please pray for Darren to get better REAL soon. (his pink eye is much better already), Zak to stay healthy and to get some rest and not feel tired, for me to have safe procedures done, for me to listen to GOD what he wants me to do for my future, and to continue to exercise and eat healthy.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Darren's Week

Wow, lots has gone on this week...where to start...lets start with Little D.
Tuesday went great dropping him off at Pre-School...he walked in by himself vs. me caring him in, he gave Ms. Alicia a hug, and began to leave~~he started to whimper, then Ms. Alicia tickled his tummy and said I need a smilie face today. He stopped instantly and I left. That was awesome!

Went to pick him up from school after being at Stephen F. Austin all morning and part of the afternoon. I'll explain that later. He's a happy boy...excited to see me along with this clear liquid stuff coming out of his nose. Yip, Snot...I made some kind of comment...the teacher says, oh, we all have runny noses...oh great, I think. Not bad, then wed. afternoon he really starts to have a runny nose along with a cough, along with this yellow discharge coming out of his eyes...anyone know what that is...PINK EYE...oh goodness, in both eyes. Obviously he doesn't go to school on Thursday...Zak and I aren't getting very much sleep, and poor D.'s keeps getting med's put down his throat...he actually thinks it's a treat when he gets meds, well, he doesn't think the eye drops are treat. Friday, I went to run an erran and on the way home, he started vomiting in the car. Not a real pretty sight. As of today, he is doing better. Thank Goodness for all of us. Please pray that he continues to get better!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Making DIP

Thought I would put these pics in the blog...we had some people over in the summer and I made this yummie dip a long time girlfriend told me about. Darren decided to help me out getting ready for our guest. He did pretty good...he put the cheese in the bowl, he took the fork and stirred, then he tested the dip to make sure it was yummmmie. I thought it was super cute. Now, just to let you know, the dip was already made, I hadn't gotten' to the mess to clean up yet. Darren thought he would help out. It really was a cute moment. In fact for a while he didn't even know I was watching him and taking pictures. I just wish I had the moment on video. Hope you enjoy...

Darren's helping me make a yummie dip that a dear friend told me about. Darren likes to help Mommie out in the Kitchen allllll the time. I just hope it continues...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Zak and I had some friends come overthis past Sunday...Zak wanted to make his special BBQ Chicken...He also wanted to make some Pina Colada's...wow, has he mastered that recipe!! YUMMIE. Before cooking the chicken, the guys watched football, we went swimming, and then we started cooking. While Zak was grilling, I was in the house making broccoli and cheese, rice, and corn on the cob. We had a tasty supper. Oh, but our eatings didn't stop there...our guest brought DIET desserts...turtle pie, pecan pie, & chocolate cinnamon cake. I think Darren liked the dessert the best...After dessert, our guest left shortly afterwards, since it was still early, I decided to go walk 3 miles. I beat the dark just in time.

We had a nice time with our friends. I'm hoping we can have them over at leaste one more time to go swimming before it gets too cold.
We're all in the pool... who knows, it might be the last time the way the weather advisers are talking.

Having fun with water noodles & squirters.

Dessert, My FAVORITE!!

Wanna Hug???


Just Chocolate



Sept. 7, 2007

Well, it's Friday~~another week down...Darren went to Pre-school and screemed and held on to me both days when I was TRYING to drop him off. On Tues. he had a tight grip around my neck where I wasn't even holding him. I had my arms out to my sides so his teachers could see that I wasn't holding him. Ms. Minden said Darren stopped crying juat a few minuntes after I left. That was hard to leave him like that. I got in my car and cried myself. WOW, it's hard to be a Mommie. Thurs., Sept. 6th he did a little better. I stayed with him for about 10 min. and then I left. I sure hope he quits crying soon when I drop him off for school. He seems to be enjoying his class though...he's got 7 new friends.
Wed. night around 2:30a.m. D. woke up being cranky...ended up sleeping on the floor on our comfoter. At 3:30 he woke up again...hhmmm somethings not right...I get down on the floor and check on him and he's HOT and WET. Gosh, I'd be cranky too if I were wet with a fever. He had a 101.5 Gave him some Tylenol and he went back to sleep. That morning at 7:10 we checked his temp and it was 97.7...yes, we/I took him to school. He was fine and his teachers said he did fine and didn't indicate that he was feeling bad. They both suggested that it could be him getting his 2 year old molers and or lack of sleep.Well, that evening, he started running fever again...rrrr.It's Friday now and he has ran fever all day. Spoke with the doc's office and they suggested for us to do a couple of things.We will do these things and see what happens. Please pray for Little D. that he breaks his fever.

The Studious Zak

WOW!!!! Let me tell you how hot my husband looks with his new glasses!!!! Most of you know what a hottie Zak is already, well, believe it or not he has gotten even HOTTER!! He got these new glasses yesterday and looks great. I might just have to visit his work a little more often to make sure the girls aren't hittin' on him. JUST KIDDING!!!It's been a while since Zak has had a new glass presciption...he's been having head aches and wondering if it's because of his eyes. Lets hope his headaches go away. I will try to get a pic of Zak and his new glasses so you'll know what I'm talking about and you can agree with me. :O) He probably won't like me putting this in our blog...just wait until you see him though.

Stacie's Check Up

Well, I went back to the docs and it looks like I will be getting one of those wonderful colonoscopy's. Those of you that have gone through this, I about to enter the club. I will be having this wonderful procedure on Sept. 19th. The doc's, OBGYN & GI don't think I need a full blown hysterectomy. Thedoc's see nothing wrong with my female stuff!! That's good news!!! The GI doc seems to think somethings up with my colon...we will find out soon. If y'all could keep me in your prayers, I would appreciate it. I have been having pain for sometime now and would like relief.
Another topic...I got an acceptance letter from Stephen F. Austin today...it looks like I'll be going back to school in the Spring. If I can take another class or two at a community college to save money, I will do so. I am looking into doing a double major. Teaching and Deaf Ed. I am hoping to talk with an advisor in the near future about a schedule. Once I know something, I will let y'all know.
I too would like to let y'all know this as well. You see if I inform y'all about this, then I will be more motivated...I hope I will be at least.
I started Curves last week. I walk 3 miles a day along with Curves. If it rains, I don't walk...Darren does great in the stroller!! I'm so thankful for that. I originally walked the neighborhood until I discovered a track near our house last Thurs. or Friday. The football track is open 24 hours a day everyday. The turf is much easier on my knee's, back and hips. I have lost 5 pounds so far. In the past few months I have managed to lose 10 pounds and keep it off, but I haven't been able to go beyond those 10 pounds, so I joined up. Please pray that I keep up the motivation...I need and must get this weight off of me. I would love to lose 25 pounds and Curves calculated 17.5 inches. I will inform you more on my progress.

Sept. 2, 2007

Zak & I decided to go to Dallas for Labor Day weekend...it was a last minute decision...The main reason we decided to go is so we could be with Grahams/Mary Jane (my step mother) on her birthday. If it weren't for her birthday, we would have stayed in our little town and we would have done very little.We met up with my Dad & M.J. at Lake Lewisiville and went boating...we had a great time. Darren got to learn how to hold a fishing pole by his Daddy. Darren also got to see fish being caught by his PawPaw and Grahams; he too got to go swimming in the lake. Once again, Darren did just fine swimming in the lake...I just hope it continues.During our visit we also got to visit with some of Zak's friends that we haven't seen in a while. In fact, the wife hasn't ever met Darren and the husband hasn't seen Darren since he was about 4 months old. We met up with them at Joe's Crab Shack and had a nice visit. The wife and I talked a bit and the guys talked a bit and their little boy whom is now 9 was awesome...he was well behaved.Even though most of our family and friends were out of town for Labor Day, we still had a nice visit.

D.D.'s 1st Time To See A Fish

Daddy's Teaching Me How To Fish

Look At Me Holding the Pole...I'm A Big Boy!!

Happy Birthday Grahams

Aug. 28, 2007

Darren starts pre-school today at First Methodist Church. This will be very interesting how this all pans out. Darren will be going on Tues. & Thurs. for now and next semester he will go 3 times a week. His teacher is Ms. Minden and seems to be an awesome toddler teacher. She has a great personality and loves the little ones. I'm not real sure about all this, but I know it will be good for Darren and I both.

I'm A Big Boy...This is my FIRST Back Pack to take to School

Aug. 26, 2007

Today, Zak and I had my second cousin come over and visit along with her husband and daughter. My 2nd cousin has a little girl that recently turned 2...perfect age for D.I haven't seen my cousin in a long while. It was great meeting her husband and precious little girl. We got some cute pictures before they left. D. is an affectionate little boy (I just hope he stays that way) he tends to hug anybody & everybody...he's my little love monkey.

Family Love

Hugging my Cuzn' Bye Bye

Darren and His Eating Habits

Darren is NOT a clean eater...he eats like his daddy...MESSY. I guess it's one of those things~~I'm hoping he will learn how to be a clean eater before his FIRST date!!

Puddin' Time

True Puddin' Head

Aug. 15, 2007 What Kind of Eggs Do YOU Like??

Fun Times...this is what having kids is all about

It was the morning I was doing laundry and trying to catch up on the computer. I could hear Darren in his playroom doing his thang...and then he came in where I was ~~we did our little sweet nothings; he went to play in the sorted laundry that wasn't sorted anymore. I heard this cracking sound~~~I wondered to myself what is that, then I heard it again... I look over to my right and there's Darren sitting on the floor with the eggs checking out what eggs were all about. I couldn't help to laugh and grab the camera. This was truely a kodak moment. His facial expressions were priceless!!

What, I'm checking out the EGGs. Wondering how I'm going to make breakfast.

Aug. 9-12 Visiting Dallas

Darren and I stayed with PawPaw, my dad while Zak was in Minnesota on a business trip. We got to visit with a lot of family and friends.

Lake Lewisville~~Aug. 12, 2007

Mommie, D.D., Daddy & Paw Paw
We are teaching D.D. at an early stage to like the outdoors...in hopes it works.
Swimming in Lake Lewisville. Darren does great in the water. I am so glad he likes being in the water.

Driving the Boat with PawPaw

D.D., PawPaw, Daddy & Grahms

Daddy & I Enjoying The Boat Ride

Look at the Big Sweet Smile on D.D.

Boating Can Be Tiring
D.D. fell asleep helping PawPaw drive the boat

Spending Time with Family

During the visit, Darren got to see his Aunt, Cuzn' Andrew, & his new cousin Corin.Darren loves going to the park. He is a little Dare Devil...I try and let him play on the playground without interfering, but sometimes it's hard. He's only 20 months and he acts like he's 4 or 5 on the playground. Darren was making his Aunt very nervous...Darren loves to slide, swing, climb, and hang from the monkey bars.
August 10, 2007 at Fritz Park

Cuzn' Andrew and Darren

Beginning of August

The rain has quit...we think

Trying To Have a Green Thumb

It's the beginning of Aug. and finally found a flower/plant I would like to plant in front of the house. When we first moved into our home we had wild country flowers in our front yard. All I had to say to that is they had to go...the flower bed the previous owners had here was CRAZY!! Our house is in town and they had wild flowers in the front yard. It didn't go...especially in this neighborhood. We had it ALL yanked up. For the longest time we have had nothing but weeds (we have kept cut down) and a plain looking yard. Me not knowing anything about plants or flowers it took a while for me to pick what I would like see when I drove up the drive. We finally got some of these unique looking flowers/plants that don't drive bees to come near. That was a high priority...didn't want bee's around the house...didn't want to take any chances with Little D. and we have a friend that comes over often that is allergic to bee stings, so I wanted to do whatever we could to prevent anything disastrous.

This Flower Pot Sure is Big & Heavy!

Watering the plants for Mommie

I guess Mommie's Gonna Want Me To Take a Bath Soon

About Us

As I have been asked and told to do the Blog...I have finally said okay to the idea. However, I am not promising how long I will keep up with this!!!
Zak and I have a neat story, no, not neat, unique and amazing due to God is the one that brought us back together. You see, Zak and I were neighbors when I was 6 months -5 years of age. My family moved when I was 5~~Zak says, I left him. Anyhow, I only saw Zak once in 27.5 years, yes, only once. I can't tell you how many times I thought of this boy/teen/young man. Zak's mother and I had always kept in touch, but Zak seemed to be too busy doing other things where we never got to visit with one another. One year, 2003~~December 2003, Zak and his father were traveling through California where I was living at the time. They had heard that I lived in CA., but didn't know where. Zak called his mother to find out my phone number. I get this phone call and to my surprise it is Zak's dad asking where I live and come to find out they were 1.5 hours away. I must say, I was smiling from ear to ear and floating on air. We met that night for supper at On The Boarder. It was like we never missed a beat. It was absolutly the best feeling anyone could ever have.Making this long story short...pretty much after that evening, Zak and I have been in each others lives. We were completly platonic for about 6 months and then we finally revealed how we felt about each other. He moved me back to Texas~~~my folks were happy about that...Zak asked me to marry him Jan.6, 2005. We married and shortly had a wonderful gift from God.

Monday, September 3, 2007