Monday, December 31, 2007

Not To Forget...

I don't want to feel that we left anyone out or any Christmas' out...

On the 16th of December, we had Christmas over at my Mom's house...I currently have no pictures due to a freak deleting ordeal that took place on my camera. I had a LOT of pic and they vanished someway...We had a great time over at Mom's house. Darren and Montana, my niece played a lot.

On the 22nd Zak, Darren, & I drove out to Farmersville to have Christmas with Z's Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, & God Daughter. We always enjoy being there...a family with lots of love and care.

The evening of the 22nd we drove to Zak's Dad's house and spent the night with them. Sunday morning we got up and went to Irving Bible Church, headed back over to Mike & Debbie's to go to Staci's house, Zak's step sister and had Christmas. The time went by quick...Everything was great.
Staci & Keith, your new home is nice, I can see why you like living their. We had a great time exchanging Christmas gifts with y'all.

Unfortunately, I have no pics of that occasion either, didn't take any pics if you can believe that.

That was our journey. If I didn't mention you before or have pics, you now know why. We love you all and thanks for the great time. See you in 2008.

Chillin D

December 26,2007
D's chillin' wearing his hat, his new Thomas(CHOO CHOO)house shoes,his Aunt NaNa got him reading his CHOO CHOO book.

Got Darren's attention and he's saying CHEEEEZZE.

Just thought it was cute the way he was sitting on the floor reading his book.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas at Doug Baker's House

December 24, 2007

After leaving Mary Sue & Jerry's, we dropped our stuff off over at my dad's and went over to one of Zak's high school friends mom's house , Rene Gonzales. We were over there for about 2 hours...the time went by quick. We got to visit with Rene & his wife Amber a bit and a little with Mary, Rene's mom. Zak has always enjoyed being over there. The house was full of family, maybe 18-25 people were there. You can feel the love in the house when you enter it.

After visiting, we went back over to my dad's, spent the night Christmas Eve and had Christmas with my dad, Mary Jane, and Mary Jane's family Christmas morning. It was nice...after opening gifts & cleaning up the mess, Mary Jane & Jodi fixed breakfast: eggs, bacon, pan cakes, & chocolate chip pancakes (my fav).
After that mess was cleaned up we played dominoes, took a nap, and then headed back home to Henderson.
We had a busy schedule, but had a great time.

Good Morning & Merry Christmas kiss from Daddy to Darren.

Merry Christmas Hug from PawPaw

Rianne excited opening up her gift...I think this is her pink razer phone.

The Girls unwrapping gifts and making a mess...just what your suppose to do on Christmas morning.

I have more pics, but for whatever reason I can't get them to rotate...sorry. We had a great time and it was nice watching Mary Jane's grand kids open up their gifts.

Thanks Dad,& Mary Jane for the nice time we had. Mary Jane, thanks for spoiling me with the chocolate chip pancakes. :O)

Christmas at Na-Na & Grandpa's House

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday evening we arrived at Mary Sue & Jerry's house. We dropped Darren off and Zak & I had a date at Chipolte...It was a nice quick supper.

We spent the night with Mary Sue & Jerry and had Christmas over at their house Christmas Eve morning. After we did Christmas we had Olive Garden Lasagna lunch. It was awesome. We had a nice time being there. Thank you guys for once again went overboard.

School Christmas Party

Thursday, December 20, 2007

D's Pre-School had a small Christmas gathering...making Christmas cookies, unwrapping a gift (book), and doing Christmas Nursery Rhymes.

Christmas With Mr. Justin & Ms. Cassie

December 19, 2007

Justin & Cassandra came over to exchange gifts...boy, did we get a treat.

Darren: He got a Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner...LOVES IT. You must check out the picture I have of him the following morning with the vac.

Zak & I: We got a gift card to Lowes! That's a door we get to have installed.I am trying to get all of the inside doors replaced...we have 6 doors left. We have had 5 installed already. I was very excited to see a gift card from Lowes! :O)

Thank You Justin & Cassandra for our great gifts...hope you enjoy yours as well. Thank Y'all for being a part of our lives.

Ms. Cassie & Darren looking at the small scrapbook of special memories.

Darren hugging Mr. Justing, thanking him for the gifts.
Darren checking out his new vacuum cleaner. He was so cute...if you look closly, you can see that he is making bbrrrmmm bbbrrrmmm noises with his lips. The vacuum even has a little mini vac. D knows exactly what to do with these items. I just hope he will like to help later on in life.

That's My BOY!!! Cleaning when he gets the opportunity~
this is the pic I was referring to...this is the pic I thought I could put on line. It was so cute...when he got out of the bath Thurs. morning, he goes into his room and starts the vacuum up. I thought it was priceless. Maybe one day I can use it on him???!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Dedicated to California Grandpal

California Grandpal, not Grandpa, but Grandpal, past away on the 20th of this month. We had some fun times...the times that we had were always loving and stress free, the way it supposed to be with grandparents. He became my "pal" when I was 9 and then when I was a young teenager, in the 9th grade. I didn't remember meeting him until I was 8 and that was in Ca. where he lived. My sister and I stayed with he and his wife, my Grand"mal" for 2 summers in Ca. and had the best times. Won't ever forget those days.

Grandpal bought me my first pair of cowboy boots. They were grey Justin Ropers the best shoes I EVER danced in!!! I won't forget the day we actual bought them...I couldn't believe he was spending that kind of money on me for a pair of shoes...89.99. He had spoken about getting me a pair of boots for 7 mother, his daughter kept telling him NO due to my foot was still growing, so we kept holding off. I'm so glad we did, because of the wonderful memories I have "walking"/dancing in those boots. In our family we call walking dancing...we're going to go walk the floor. Anyhow, wonderful fun times in those Justin Roper Boots. Grandpal, thanks again!

In High School, my grandparents lived with us...that was cool. My grandparents came and watched me play Powder Puff Football...I played left end tackle. It meant so much to me that they, my grandparents went & I had someone in the stands. Even though we lost to the juniors, I was still so proud that they were there.

Grandpal gave me one of the best compliments ever. He and I were driving (stick shift)home from the store taking the exit Grauwyler off of Loop 12. As we were going down the ramp, he told me, you shift like I did when I drove a truck. It's good that you do that, you'll save wear and tear on your car like gears and breaks, and it's safer for others around you. I had no idea I was doing something right, but I felt very proud of myself being a somewhat new driver & doing something right.

He was a gentle man...very loving. He had the softest & cleanest hands for a mechanic. He was a world wide traveling mechanic. He traveled in all parts of the world. He brought us back stuff from China, Japan, Mexico, and other places. When he would be in the area, he would come and visit. He loved family and he loved his extended family as if they were his own. His step sons called him "POP".

My Grandpal is no longer suffering. He is now with GOD, his sister Aunt Irene along with lots of other relatives. As my mother says, he gets to watch the Cowboy game with Aunt Irene again. (I'm sure glad the Cowboys won this week.) ;) My Grandpal had been diagnosed with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, along with that he had a few heart attacks, not sure how many. He too had strokes. I'm glad that God took him where he wouldn't suffer anymore. My Grandmal took care of him like he was gold on a platinum platter. She is an awesome lady...She is definitely one of God's angels.

I could keep typing about memories & fun things, but I just wanted to share a few things that I got to have with my Grandpal. I love him and will cherish the time we had. He was 81 and lived a life of love.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Unforgettable Experience

Hello to all...for whatever reason I am going to share this personal experience with you. It is my(Stacie)experience, not my families. Last night I was reading Proverbs 3 & 4 and found myself really in tuned in what I was reading. It was a great feeling. I hadn't had that feeling in sometime~I miss it a lot. With all the stuff that has been going on in my personal life since I've come back from Africa, I have allowed myself to fade away(not go away) from the most important thing in my life. Why, I don't know...I know most of us are guilty of doing this. When I got back home in Sept. 04, my mind became very occupied with a lot of stuff: new love in my life :), and then coordinating our wedding, getting pregnant the day we married, which wasn't a pleasant pregnancy, moving 5 times in the last 3.5 years, and being a stay at home mom, which I am very thankful for. With these great gifts God has given me, I unfortunately let these things come first in my life and that is not the way it is suppose to be. Now, don't get me wrong...I still pray, occasionally go to church, (we are still searching for a "home" church)I read the bible every so often, I have been reading Darren's little bible books to him, but I don't feel that I have been as obedient as I know down deep inside I can be and know I should be. When I became a Christian in 2002 my entire life was lifted and Life was grand with the Holy Spirit. It was the best feeling I think anybody can ever experience. Having that freshness, adrenalin going, the ad ease feel, the unconditional love, secure feel of life was really an awesome time of my life. I am so grateful to know what it feels like. I would like to get that back...I know God has given me many gifts. I too believe that he wouldn't do so unless he felt that you deserved them...God has made me a very proud person, I want to make him proud. Again, I am not sure why I wanted to share this very personal emotional, but I have...I feel it is something that I needed to do.

I have opened my Daily Walk Bible to James and in it's intro it is very says, " FAITH without works isn't really faith. It is dead, and a dead faith is worse than no faith at all." (Take a moment and really think about that.) "Faith must work; it must produce; it must be visible. Verbal faith is not enough; mental faith is insufficient. Faith must move into action. Throughout his epistle to Jewish believers, James integrates true faith and everyday practical experiences by stressing that true faith "works" because it produces doers of the Word.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Darren

December 8, 2007
Choo Choo Looks Who's 2

Thanks to all of you for all the great gifts! Grandparents...Darren loves his new climbing equipment. I have a feeling he will be spending a lot of time on it...thank you for going in together and getting this for his birthday and Christmas gift.

He has played with and has watched everything and likes it all. He's not real sure about the Tickle Me Elmo...he comes to me to turn it on & then he tells it bye, bye. It's cute. You guys don't mind very well. I told y'all not to worry about getting him stuff...and you did it anyways. We appreciate your thoughtfulness!! It was great having all of you over, thanks for coming and helping us celebrate Darren's 2nd birthday.

Darren's B-Day Party at School

December 6,2007

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Visiting Darren's New Friend

December 5, 2007
We once again attempted visiting this big man covered with red and white...and succeeded!! Ms. Cassie went with me to help me out with Darren. As we waited in line, we watched the other boys & girls on Santa's lap. Santa once again, came to the line and played with the boys & girl along with some parents. When it was our turn, Darren sat on Santa's lap with NO hesitations...I started getting teary eyed. Santa spent some time with him. He read D a book and gave him more candy canes. Darren gave Santa "five", hugged Santa, and gave him a kiss. My sweet boy. He loves "HO HO".

It was so cute...The lady was trying to get D's attention and said cheese and Darren said CHEEZ...It was so cute. The lady said smile and Darren said SMML. That is what got me to going to the flood gates. It's his first time to do that. What a neat experience to have while sitting on Santa's lap. Well, I thought it was neat.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Back in Commission

Well, I'm feeling pretty well these days!! :O) I am so thankful for that. Getting around, doing a little shopping at Wal-Mart, starting to do house work, and I even put some decorations up around the house for Christmas. I haven't driven yet...going to try that today I think. The rule of thumb going back to "work" is no pain killers in your system and if you can slam down on the break without your stomach hurting. Well, I haven't had any killer meds in me for over a week (even though there have been times I've wanted them.) I need to test out the driving situation. I'm really hoping it's all good, I think I might go NUTS if I have to stay in the house much longer. Over all, I feel good, I just have to remember I'm still in the healing process and not to over due it, especially in the stretching areas. Thank all of you for your thoughts, calls, & prayers.

This past Saturday, Cassandra drove Darren & I to the M-A-L-L ~Mall to visit Santa. I felt Darren wouldn't be to partial sitting on Santa's lap this year after seeing his reaction when he saw Sir Topham Hatt at meet Thomas the Tank and Friends at Rusk County Railroad.
I thought if we visited with Santa a couple of times or maybe a few before his birthday(8th), he would feel more comfortable with this big man with a lot of white hair he's not real sure about, but hears mommie talk about and sees in the stores.

He didn't too well on Saturday at the Tyler Mall. Santa was real patient and wasn't rushing us at all. The pictures we got were so sad! We ended up having a picture taken with Cassandra, myself on Santa's lap & Darren on Cassandra's lap with the saddest face you ever saw. It would be your typical 2 year old Santa Picture...I didn't purchase it, but may by Christmas eve.

Thank You Ms. Cassie for all that you's a lot and we appreciate you!!

Zak took us to the Longview Mall yesterday, yip, I had the privilege going to 2 malls in 2 days. See, I am doin' good. Wore me out, but I'm doing fine. We visited with Santa, or I should say, Santa visited with us...he was an AWESOME Santa. We never went in line...I just wanted to go, so Darren could see Santa and see other boys & girls visit with Santa. Planting that Seed in Darren's head. Santa came up to Darren several times to talk with him, to give him 5, even asked Darren to come get a candy cane when other boys & girls were on his lap...when we left, Darren gave Santa a hug & blew him a kiss. I started I am right was a touchy moment for me. Anyhow, we didn't stay, the line was about an hour long and we weren't ready to see Santa. I'm hoping us visiting Santa will help Darren feel Warm & Cozy when it's time to get that "magical" picture with Santa.


Being Silly with our Santa Hats...Darren has a cute little move when he wears his Santa Hat...I'll try and get it on video for all of you. D loves to of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life. I just love it when he dances.
We're learning who Santa is and trying to get him comfortable with Santa, so we can get a good picture with him this year. He calls Santa HoHO. Darren loves HoHO, but very reluctant when he sees him close up in person.

Conductor Darren

Isn't our little conductor a cutie...

CHOO CHOO...he loves wearing his

I wish I had remembered buying these
overalls last year on sale...darn it. It
would have been perfect for him to have
worn them when he went to visit Thomas
(CHOO CHOO) in Oct. Oh well...

He was so cute prancing around the
house with his railroad getup...

he rocks our world.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

He's Not Hurt!!

Is that a CAST???


I took this picture a couple of days after
I came home from having surgery. It was
so cute...D had one of my "cozy" socks on along with my house shoe. Just acting silly in the Nix house hold.

He's in that stage putting other shoes and socks on.
It's a very cute stage. :)


Watch Out Girls...

Koonie "OUR" Cat


Poor Koonie he gets left out so many times.
We all love him, even though some don't want
to admit to it (Zak)...he's pretty easy to love.
My mom even loves Koonie. We've (I've) had Koonie
for a while...4 years. Poor guy just gets left out in
our every day activities. He's been great to cuddle with
during my recovery. Isn't he a handsome kitty kitty.

Our Little Turkey

This is one of Darren's art projects
he did in school.

He was so cute wearing this turkey
bandanna around the house.

Darren flapping his "turkey wings"
acting and trying to sound like a turkey.

He is a turkey...

Hope Everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day!! Gobble Gobble

Monday, November 26, 2007


Darren is back & I love it. Some friends of ours picked him up for us when they were going through the dfw area coming back from the thanksgiving holidays. They got here around 6:30ish or so... when they drove up, I didn't really care what time it was, I was just so happy to have my boy back in my sight safely.

Once he got out of the car, he hesitated at first and then trotted to Zak & I up the curvy walk. It was so cute...Darren gave both of us kisses and hugs. It was so nice to have him close again!! I couldn't help not to cry...I was emotional, what can I say, I LOVE my BOY.

He looks so different...what is it with us mothers when we are away from our children for a period of time, we think our kids change a lot??? Darren looks more mature, cuter than ever, & seems to be more lovable. I'm thinking not only did we miss him, he missed us too.

He is now off to pre-school. I got his breakfast ready, Zak bathed him & dressed him, I gave him his meds & got his school stuff together...He is excited to see his teachers MiMi & Ms. Alecia. Cassandra will pick Darren up from school around 3:00 and help me out until Zak gets home from work.

Grandparents, Renee', Montana, Justin, & Cassandra, thank all of you for all of your help!!! I'm sure it was great to visit with D.& have some one on one time with him.

I'm recuperating okay. I didn't really think I would still be in this much discomfort after a week, but Zak reminded me that they took a lot out of me this time & there was more tuggin' & pullin'. My husband has been great during this entire procedure...He's a great care taker. Thank You Honey...I love You.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

California Family

This is my California family (they adopted me)...oh how I miss them so.

Kim, the mother of this group and I have known each other for 10 years now. She is the one that helped California be a happy place for me.

Those of you that hear me talk about Kim & Rob and their sprouts, this is who I am talking about. Auntie Jeri & Grandma Oma are missing in this picture.

Thank all of you for being so special to me.

Love you all!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Out of Commission

Well, the day is coming closer...

Last night Zak and I went out on a date, Yes a date without our monkey boy. Cassandra aka Cassie kept him for us...We talked the entire time and got caught up on was nice to actually have a conversation with my husband and not saying...hands off, off limits, darren, please don't, darren no, sit down please, etc...Thank You Ms. Cassie for taking care of Darren for us. For a moment at the table I got a little emotional because I had my husband to myself. I felt and still feel guilty for that, but parents need their own time. I enjoyed last night a lot. Thank You Zak for taking off early and taking me on a date! :O)

Friday is the surgery day and Na-Na will be picking Darren up tomorrow night. My Mommie will be coming tomorrow night too. I'm so thankful for having the mothers that I have...I only have 4! I have my "Mommie, mamma, mom, & mamacita" those are the names I call my biological mother. Then I have a step mom, whom I call "MOTHER", I have a mother-in-law that I have know all of my life except for 6 months, and I have a step mother-in-law. I feel very fortunate to have the mothers that I have in my life...I know that others are not so fortunate...Thank You God again for another great Gift. I got off the topic, so, what's new? NOTHING.

I go in on Friday and the doc says I will be able to go home on Sunday or Monday. I'll be keeping it on the down low for a good 2 weeks. Due to the doctor doing a full blown hysterectomy, taking care of a hernia, and taking more scare tissue out, the recovery time MIGHT be a little longer. Who knows. I'm hoping with me working out, my body will heal just fine and maybe a little faster!!??!!

The Grandparents will have Darren til' November 25th...that's a long time! As I am recuperating, I have projects here to do and am hoping to get them done!! You see, if I share my projects with you, the chances of me getting them done will be greater. So let me share:
Pics in photo albums, bills filed~I have gotten so bad on letting them pile up and NOT filing them. I have about 6 months of bills to file!!! See, I'm a bad girl. Receipts put in order, filed and tallied. If I get the receipts in order by months and put in envelopes I will be very happy with that!!! Not sure if I'm going to be able to tally them up before recovery time is up. Those are my goals...doesn't seem like a lot, but if you saw my piles, you would understand! Those are projects that i can do laying/sitting down and that won't take too much effort/energy. Wish me luck! :O)

This will be the last update on our blog for a while. I'm hoping that the grandparents will take pics while they are having a fun time with our monkey boy. If they do take pics, I will share some with y'all as well.

Love to all! Thank You for your thoughts and prayers!!!

Gobble, Gobble,

stacie j.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Great Picture/Camera Info

I wake up this morning with so many things to do before getting ready to go to the of those things is to check out what kind of background scenes Moto Photo has so we can get our Christmas pictures taken' this year. (This is where we got the Easter Pics taken last year, that turned out great. The gal was great with Darren.) I'm checking out their website and my eyes see BLOG...due to being part of the blog now, I naturally wanted to see what they had...not anything what I expected!!! I learned so much...I had to stop reading b/c I have so much to do this morning and 7:00 is coming quick. It's coming quicker since I'm adding to my blog now, but I'm so excited what I have learned and I wanted to share with you. You may already know this info or's great info and I see myself checking it out often. I have put in down on the right side of the column if you should want to visit the website. There is lots of great information on picture taking. What grabbed my attention the most is if you deleted pics on your memory card and didn't mean to, there's a great chance that you can retrieve those pics back. You will need to read the info yourself...hope you find it informative. :O)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jamie & Tye Are Joined As One

One of Zak's 2nd cousins got married this past Saturday, Nov. 3, 2007

This was a beautiful wedding at a was gorgeous and you wouldn't think that it was in a barn/ranch surrounding. The weather was absolutely PERFECT. God definitely gifted them with the weather...the wedding was outside with a background of a large pool of water(reservoir). This was a fairytale seemed to have gone very smooth. I wish and hope lots of love for the couple. I too hope they are as happy as Zak and I are...I love being married to Zak!!

It was great seeing the Durbin family again. I am so glad that have this family in my life!!!

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Cuzn' Daniel's Game

Nov. 2, 2007

We left around 4:00 to see Cousin Daniel whoop the pants off of Tom Beam...and that is what they did. The score ended up being 41 to ZIP. Gunter is 9 and 0, lets hope they continue the hard work!!

As we are in the stand watching the game, Ms. Donna gives Darren a sucker that he thoroughly enjoyed...I don't know how many wipes we went through until he finished the tootsie pop, but it was a lot. Darren had it all over his body and I had it all over my white long sleeve shirt...not sure if brown tootsie roll pop stains or not. It was pretty comical to watch him eat this sucker...He really did like it!!! Darren liked it so much, he was occupied for the 1st half of the game.

Way to go Daniel, keep up the awesome work. We love you!!

Chop on it Kid...Lick it up dude.

Cowboy Star

Happy Belated Halloween...

Oct. 30, 2007

This year Darren was a was a little special and a little sentimental for Darren's Na-Na & Papa Mike. You see the fringe leather vest Darren is wearing was one of the vests Darren (Uncle Darren) & Zak (Daddy) wore when they were youngsters. Mary Sue brought two leather vests & a cowboy coat to us when we were living in Tyler. I thought it would be nice for Darren to dress up in his daddy's & uncle's dress up clothes.

When we first put the clothes on Darren, he was very forceful on NOT wearing the clothing...finally he warmed up and actually wore the hat. It only took him about 3 hours to get comfortable in his costume. He'll do just about anything for his teacher MiMi & Ms. Alicia.

The school had a little parade walking across the parking lot to the bank to trick or treat...sounded like the tellers enjoyed seeing the little tykes dressed up.

Oct. 31,02007

Darren, Ms. Cassie, & I went to a retirement center with the Mom's Group of Tyler. Darren wasn't to keen on walking around unfamiliar grounds and seeing others dressed up. However, he didn't have a problem ask/getting candy from the residence. At the end D. finally warmed up.

Cowboy D...he was a good looking boy!!

Darren did not go door to door and trick or treat this year...he helped Ms. Cassie and I pass out candy. Next year when he has a better understanding we'll either go to a little carnival or actually do the door to door trick or treating.

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Meeting Choo Choo Made The Times

Oct. 27, 2007

Na-Na, Aunt Dianne (Darren's great aunt), and myself had a wonderful adventure meeting Choo Choo AKA Thomas. When we first got to the train station in Rusk, Texas and saw Thomas coming, Darren wasn't sure what to think. He was excited and wanted to check out what was going the same time, he was hiding behind my leg.

It took Darren about 20 minutes to warm up~~~most of the train ride. There were times that he wasn't clinched onto one of our necks. Over all you could tell he enjoyed the ride.

After riding Thomas, we ate lunch and explored the fun activities they had for the little ones. It was so much fun...there was a bouncy house, tattoo tent, pony's to pet, an imagination tent where Darren spent most of his time! He was mesmerized with the choo choo's on the track going around and around. He liked coloring and playing with the stamps in this tent. We took so many pics...just sharing a few of them with you.

Darren did not like Sir TopHat...that's what we call him...He never warmed up to him, therefor we didn't get a nice picture of Darren and Sir TopHat. The picture we did get however is Darren holding his arms out for Na-Na to come and get him as he is screaming his head off. Maybe next time he will feel comfortable...?

After riding Thomas the Train on a gorgeous day, eating yummie nachos, a hot dog winnie (Darren ate), cookies, fighting bees, waiting in lines for face tatoos(Na-Na got), purchasing pictures with Thomas, we had to go to the Thomas Shopping Tent. Wow, talk about a variety of fun stuff. After shopping we were ready to go...we stayed at this fun event for about 5 hours. We couldn't have asked for better weather and a better time.

Thank You Na-Na & Aunt D. for accompanying us to see Thomas and his adventures.

We love you,

Darren D. & Stacie

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


W H A T ?????

You know when a child is learning how to speak it can be difficult at times...Sometimes at
this age they just name things what they want to name the object...hhhmmm, I'm not sure I ever grew out of that stage. In fact to this day, I still use the Stacie Baker Dictionary. Just the other day as in last week, I used "My" learning can be very interesting and sometimes mind boggling b/c we aren't able to figure out what they are saying.

What the heck is mea-ma????? Last week Darren kept saying this over and over again. Zak & I were racking our brains trying to figure out what the heck he was trying to say. The way Darren was talking to us was very serious and he, meaning Darren was getting stressed! I was out of my mind, couldn't imagine what the heck he was wanting or trying to tell us. MEA-MA~~~M E A -M A...what in the world could it be and mean. We seriously became beside ourselves...are you ready for the answer?????It's a Freakin BLANKET. Yip, a blanket. Our son now would like to go down for a nap or night night time with a blanket. It doesn't matter what blanket, just a blanket. Sometimes and I am not kidding, it's 5 or 6 blankets. So, MEA-MA to you. Hope you enjoyed the story...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Patch in Henderson, Texas

Oct. 25, 2007

We went to another Pumpkin Patch and bought some odd looking gourds. Darren likes to play with the gourds and pumpkins.

A woman that I talk with at Curves invited Darren and I to meet up with she and her friend with their kids at the pumpkin patch. It was a quick visit, but nice. Darren got to play with some older boys for a little bit...that was very different for him he also got to meet another girl around his age to play with...

Darren seemed to enjoy the patch...he wasn't ready to go...he wanted to keep climbing on the hay, just like a boy.

New Friends in Henderson, Texas

Look at D.D. riding the wagon...this pic is really cute.


Darren was so lovable with the scarecrow...
he climbed up on the hay, kissed the scarecrow in the air
and held his was a touching moment. I know it's
a stage that he's going through, but I can only pray that he
continues to be loving.

Say "Pumpkin"...The best picture I have been able to get with him with in one of these wood cut outs.


PeakaPumpkin...things we come up with

when we have it. You should have

the pleasure seeing what Darren does when

we do the Pumpkin Eater Jig...he is so it.