Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Darren's 1st School Program

Darren's Spring Program was last was adorable...They sang songs they learned throughout the year...Pumpkin Songs, Christmas Songs, Valentine Songs, to Bunny Songs. The kids did a great job. I was so impressed with Darren's performance!!

Some of Darren's art work.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hanging out with Hollis & Margie

At Hollis and Margie's for Margie's Birthday ... Darren checking out how he's suppose to get across the cattle guard.

Justin helping D out on his bike.

Hollis getting kick out of Darren riding his Spider Man bike.

Hair AGAIN!!

2 months ago Darren got his hair cut...his hair
was so short, people that see him every day
didn't recognize him. It was very shocking to
the eyes...especially mine. I'm so glad his hair
is long enough to fix now.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Hat has Come Out AGAIN!!!

Darren does everything with this cowboy hat on...he goes to school, he watches morning cartoons, and plays Wii Baseball...he lovesssss hisss cowboy hat!!!

Visiting Jerry Mamma & Daddy Dan

My Grandmother was put in a care home in January. So, we have been going out to Malakoff visiting my grandparents, Darren's great grandparents more often. I know Darren's only 3, but I really do want him to remember Jerry Mamma(78) and Daddy Dan(82).

Happy Valentines Day~~~XOXO'S

Darren's pre-school had a Valentines Party...


(he's got an owie under
his nose...he met the
side walk.)

Myra, one of the
Mom's passing out
Valentines. She
got the kiddoes

We were trying to
get a group pic...
you can see how
well that turned


One of Zak's Uncle and Aunt invited us to have lunch with them at a RV Park the were staying
at in the Tyler area to start off the new year. They were going to have black eye peas and some other home cookin' foods. Aunt Pat wasn't sure if we were going to make due to it being Jan.1st...we did and surprised her that we took her up on her offer.

This RV Park was a kid friendly place. They had a bouncie that was over a swimming pool. Darren had a blast playing on this bouncie. He's really getting the hang of bouncing high up in the air...not getting scared.

Driving to the
RV Park in Tyler...
He's only 3 and
listening to his
music (Hannah Montana)
with his
"walk man."
I thought teenagers did that... oh, that's an ipod.
I so need to get with the program!!!


All Rested up now...
He's got a lot
of energy saved up.

Look how high ...
he's getting so big!!